View frequently asked questions (FAQ) for City of Charlotte Investor Relations.

General Questions

What are General Obligation Bonds?

General Obligation (GO) Bonds backed by the City's full faith and credit, which results in the lowest borrowing cost for capital projects. The City identifies a major project (e.g. a new connecting road) or several similar projects (e.g. seven road intersections) and determines that to complete the projects in a timely manner a debt issuance is needed. (The City does not maintain large amounts of cash to finance these larger capital projects.)

How do I purchase Charlotte Bonds?

Step 1 - Learn about the bonds

Read the Preliminary Official Statement (POS) available from this web site or from the participating brokers to learn more about the bonds, including their security, maturity dates, credit ratings, the types of projects they finance and other information that you may find important to help you make an informed investment decision. This website is not an offer to sell any bonds.

Step 2 - Open a brokerage account

You must have an account with one of the brokerage firms participating in the bond sale, or with another firm that can place an order through a brokerage firm participating in the bond sale. Please check to determine if your broker can place an order through the participating brokers. (If you have a brokerage account, go to Step 3.) If you do not have an account, you may open one and purchase bonds during the Retail Sale Order Period. 

Investors are encouraged to begin the New Account process well in advance of the sale date. Depending on the brokerage firm, internal new account procedures may take some time to process.

Step 3 - Place your order

Contact the broker with whom you have an account, either online or by phone, to get more information about how to buy bonds during the Retail Sales period. Discuss with the broker the number of bonds, the maturity date and the price at which you are willing to purchase the bonds, as well as any questions you may have from examining the Preliminary Official Statement (POS).

What is the City of Charlotte's total budget?

The budget for both operating and capital totals $3.2 billion in FY2023.

What is Charlotte's total General Fund budget?

The General Fund budget for the City of Charlotte is $784.8 million in FY2023.

How are high priority capital needs determined?

Most capital projects are based on community plans, such as the Airport Master Plan, Two-Year Water and Sewer System Evaluations, long-range Transportation Plans, District Plans and the long-range Generalized Land Use Plan. Other capital projects are on-going programs to maintain the City's infrastructure.

What are Enterprise Capital Programs?

​Enterprise capital programs are self-sustaining funds which are exclusively financed from revenues generated by the operation. For instance, the water and sewer capital program is exclusively financed by user fees. This is also the case with the Airport, and Storm Water programs. These enterprise operations do not receive any General Fund support.